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My name is Marcela Solis, I come from Chile, South America.  I am married to a South African and I have a family here.

spanish certificateBefore I came to South Africa in 1994 I was working as a Bilingual Secretary at Glaxo Laboratories in my country where I developed an interest and passion for my language. When I moved here I realized that I had the skills to teach Spanish language. On the other hand, I also discovered that I liked to teach, seeing as I am patient and have the skills to explain, communicate and transfer the knowledge.  So, I came across a new activity for me here in this country. During the period that I stayed in South Africa I taught many students and enjoyed it. That lasted until we moved to Colombia in 2001, because my husband was transferred there for work, so off we went. Then, after 9 years or so in Colombia, and another 2 years in Australia, we moved back to South Africa at the end of 2010.

This second time it took me a while to reconnect with my teaching as I was doing other activities.  We moved to Cape Town a year ago after having been in Johannesburg for 7 years. In Johannesburg I helped a teenager pass his Matric in Spanish while he was studying at St David’s Marist Inanda School.  We worked together for 2 and a half years. It was a good experience since I had to teach him advanced Spanish.

Now that I am back in Cape Town I have started to teach Spanish again.  For that purpose I did a course on line to teach Spanish for Foreigners. Through a school in Spain called “Tía Tula”, which is recognized by the “Instituto de Cervantes”, which is one of the main diploma authorities in Spain.

I am again enjoying the experience a lot! Today we have more technology available and there are better tools to make it fun and amusing and I also can order books from Spain easily.

Learn Spanish in a fun way with updated material from Spain. I follow the “European Guidelines for Teaching Foreign Languages”


The lessons take place in my private home or it could also be at the student place, as long as if it is not too far, inside the citybowl.

Morning, afternoon or evening and from Monday to Saturday.

I charge R260 per hour per person, I make discount depending on how many people:

for 2 persons R400
for 3 persons R600
for 4 people R750

Another modality of prices is paying the lessons in advance, for example:

5 hrs. x (R260) = R1,300 with discount of 7% (R91) = R1,200
10 hrs x (R260) = R2,600 with discoount of 10% (R260) = R2,340
15 hrs x (R260) = R3,900 with discount of 15% (R585) = R3,315
20 hrs x (R260) = R5,200 with discount of 20% (R1,040) = R4,160

“I come from Chile, South America.  I have been teaching Spanish Language for the last 3 years ”

“It was very helpful to have you as a teacher to prepare myself to pass Matric in Spanish, because I needed to study the language in a more fundamental way. You gave me homework that made me practice my writing skills.

I also enjoyed the movies that I watched since I could learn more oral expressions and idioms. The material that I read was very useful because I could learn more sophisticated vocabulary.

Thank you very much for your great help!”

Nicholas Cohen

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Marcela Solis
071 353 3654

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